April 24th 1998

A couple of weekends ago, I rented the Arrowhead Lodge for a night. The view was so spectacular that I wanted to share it with our readers.

I’m enclosing a copy of the column and want you to know I received a number of phone calls asking your location, which I gladly gave.

Hope to visit again someday.


Times Record Fort Smith, Arkansas Editor JACK MOSELEY wrote.

"I’ve found it, and it very well may be the most beautiful spot in Arkansas. Outside of Eureka Springs, the rim road overlooks the valley and the White River, which reflects 40 shades of green and the springtime beauty of the forest that climbs the mountain on the other side. Farms and houses and rustic barns complete the landscape of tranquility one sees as he sips wine and watches the sun sink behind a cloud, transforming the sky into a red and orange extravaganza of glowing color and twi-light.

Dawn from the porch of the cabin reveals a surreal fantasy of fog and ever-so-slowly swirling, cotton-candy clouds. As the sun rises, first the river, then the boats and fishermen appear. Blacks become green with light and life. As you enjoy your mourning coffee, its like a magnificent painting being drawn by the hand of God right before your eyes.

I’ve been to Europe and Asia and to a large part of this nation. I’ve seen three goat ropings and a county fair, but I’ve never seen anything to compare with what I saw last weekend right here in Arkansas.



I just returned home from an excellent vacation in Eureka Springs.  My wife and I  and our friends very much enjoyed
our stay in your cabin (Arrowhead lower level).   We have stayed in many different places every year on our trips .....
your cabins have to be the most comfortable, the best value, and the best view by far that we have ever stayed in.  
Each day that we ventured out, it was actually hard to pull ourselves away from our 'front-row seat' of the Ozark Mountains
and the White River.   We were also very impressed with the cleanliness and how well the cabin was stocked with everything
we needed. It is obvious you have put a lot of hard work into your business and have a lot of pride in it.   I also want to mention
how much I appreciated your hospitality, from your help with fishing pamphlets to your kindness when you made a couple copies for me.  
Thank you so much for truly making our lodging so enjoyable.   I am going to be your best advertisement.


NOV 11   (CABIN 1)

We left early - didn't want to bother ya'll. What a wonderful place, great cabin, super views and location.

we'll be back !!!

Carde & John



Thanks-We had a great stay! God Bless you!
Nancy & Dan.


I called back and made arrangements for number 4 cabin and a late arrival. I really like your cabins.
We find them neat and clean and furnished very well with everything we need. The views are excellent! Thanks
We had a fabulous stay! Thank you so much for having such a terrific cabin. - sooo clean
and well maintained - We look forward to our next visit. Joe& Marian
We appreciate the towel and trash service too! Everything was so private & non-invasive, Thanks again
We're always so blessed to get to come here! Thanks for all you do in this place! And we thank
our creator for the beautiful scenery! See you again. D.H.


Dear Lucy, Fred and Liz:

We just wanted to thank you guys for being the gracious hosts that you
are. We had a wonderful time in Cliffside #3. This was not our first
time at White River Cabins and it won't be our last. The serenity and
beauty of the Ozarks are one of god's great treasures.

Of all the places we have been in this great country of ours, Eureka
Springs has always been our favorite and White River Cabins is the only
place we stay when we get the chance to visit. Your cabins are always
spotless, comfy and cozy and nobody can beat the price.

I took the liberty to attach three of the pictures I took during our
stay. I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks again, be safe and we will see you the next time around.

Carolyn and Troy
Biloxi, Mississippi


Liz, Just wanted to thank you and your family for a wonderful and beautiful place to stay.
  • We really enjoyed the cabin and feel like we made a new friend.
  • Thanks Jeff & Jan
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    Oct. 6th 2008

    July 20th 2009
              I would like to express my stay at White River Cabins. it was like i  never left my home enjoyed the cabin very much
    had everything you would need quiet and great hospitality. Would recommend this place to family and friends.
    Thank you.

    AUG 22 2011

    Thank you again for a great stay!! We Love your cabins. we'll be back next Aug..
    Frank & Trudy